Sedan is prepared to aim for tough January.

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Sedan is prepared to aim for tough January.

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Cindy Zidane, Real Madrid boss is open to the possibility that they have to look for a new player during the season. I want to strengthen the team to be ready to win the championship all related. Zinedine Zidane trainer of the French giants Real Madrid of La Liga Spain revealed he is prepared to look for players to strengthen in the open market by around 2 January. Because of the strength of the team.

"White King" team finished 16 finalists of the U-League Champions League. But this job must come in the No. 2 of the H group and that means that there is a very high chance that Real Madrid will have to meet with the giants in the knockout.

In the league, the team is not good at the fourth position, away from the Barcelona team to 8 points, moreover, during this time, the strength of the team is not good because the players. Gareth Bale is also in trouble. While the team had to let Hamas Rodriguez play on loan to Bayern Munich and sell Alvaro Morat to Chelsea,

Zidane admits that there is a possibility. The agency will have to jump into the market for winter footballers to look for the right players to join the team to win the championship. "There is a possibility we have to continue to buy players. From January 1-31, we have a chance to sign a new player. "


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