Lionel Messi has his eyes on two Tottenham stars

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Lionel Messi has his eyes on two Tottenham stars

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sbobet777 Tottenham’s destruction of the current European Champions Real Madrid was an impressive showing to everyone in Europe. The dominance of the North London side was particularly interesting to a certain person in Catalonia.When Real Madrid and Barcelona do anything it appears that the other is playing very close attention. SBOBET Such is the state of the rivalry between the two clubs that every single match is an opportunity to scout, learn and strategize for the next meeting. For this reason it is natural that Lionel Messi apparently paid very close attention to Real Madrid’s match with Tottenham at Wembley and was particularly interested in a few thing.Lionel Messi apparently after having watched the Spurs-Madrid came away wildly impressed by both Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen. SBOBET Not that this shows a great deal of scouting acumen on the part of the Argentinian. There shouldn’t be a single knowledgable football fan in Europe that doesn’t know about either of these players.


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